Multi-Range Honing Stones for Sunnen and Other Machines

Ohio Tool Works offers multi-range abrasive honing stones in diamond, aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, ceramic and CBN in a variety of grit sizes and finishes from light to heavy. We also offer direct replacements for A-Series, I-Series, J-Series, DM-Series and NM-Series Sunnen honing stones.

Use our Honing Abrasives Product Selector to re-order an existing Ohio Tool Works part number or to find your Sunnen honing stone replacement or use the catalog feature below to display a variety of options based on the material you plan to hone.

In addition to Sunnen honing stones, Ohio Tool Works produces multi-range honing abrasives for the following manufacturers:

  • General Hone
  • Nagel
  • Delapena
  • Gehring
  • Superior
  • And more.

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Select the Material Type to be honed

To find options for appropriate abrasive honing stones for our application, select the material type that you plan to hone: