Mandrel Honing Stones for Sunnen and Other Machines

For Sunnen and other replacement honing stones, look no further than Ohio Tool Works. With more than 100 years of industry experience, Ohio Tool Works can provide both standard and custom replacement abrasives for mandrel honing tools from Sunnen and others, including:

  • Micromatic
  • Delapena
  • And more.

To find a direct replacement for your DM-Series or NM-Series Sunnen honing stone or to re-order an existing Ohio Tool Works part number, use our Honing Abrasives Product Selector. Or use the catalog feature below to display a variety of options based on the material you plan to hone.

Ohio Tool Works offers abrasive honing stones for mandrel honing tools in diamond, aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, ceramic and CBN.

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Select the Material Type you Need to Hone

To find options for appropriate abrasive honing stones for our application, select the material type that you plan to hone: